Other Services

Writing, Editing, Proofing

We see them everywhere – embarrassing mistakes on menus and resumes, typographical errors on billboards and signs, incorrect punctuation in letters and emails. When it comes to first impressions, words matter.

At TC Graphics, we have a way with words. As part of your print or web design project, or as a stand-alone writing/editing/proofing project, our on-call wordsmith will tighten your text and clean up your content.

We’ll write your resume, edit your article, proof your project or ghost-write your love letter. We’ll even craft a proprietary in-house stylebook for your business, to foster clarity and consistency.

Web Design & Social Media

Web design must convey your identity – your purpose (what you do), your position (who you serve) and your personality (how you do it) – with concision and clarity. Our digital experts deliver that message.

We’ll design and develop your site for mobile device compatibility, with search engine optimization that yields higher-value search rankings and higher-quality website traffic.

Our social media managers will enlarge and engage your audience of followers, to develop your brand awareness, build business relationships, and increase your website traffic.

Mailing & Fulfillment

There’s a reason why mailboxes are full of promotional materials – direct mail works. Mailing your offer directly to your targeted audience is still one of the best ways to reach that audience.

For mailing and fulfillment, TC Graphics is your printing partner. Bring us your campaign, and we’ll design and print the materials. Bring us your mailing list, and we’ll handle the rest.

Whether it’s a menu, a book of coupons, a postcard, a door hanger, a calendar, or a sample publication, we’ll design and deliver with deadline-driven performance and experience-driven results.